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Thursday, 10 January 2013

MY Secret..

MY Secret..

Recently I uploaded a picture of my so far progress.. 2 years and 2 weeks ago. I have lost a fair bit of weight, grown into my body etc. After I did this, I had multiple people ask…. "What's your secret?" ..
This upsets me that so many people are still so oblivious. Ever since a wee one It's been apparent that you ARE what YOU eat, and fitness is an important thing in life, you should get blah blah amounts of exercise every day. So Daddy takes you down to play some tennis, and mum signs you up to gymnastics. When you hit teenage years, you slack, want to spend time with your friends instead and fight against being part of any Karate class, Gym class etc. (Unless your a sensible and wise one). But me .. I just wanted to play with my friends and my excuse was I had bounced on the trampoline for 10 minutes..

Then you hit the older teenage years, young adulthood and people become mums, and they look for a cheat way.. they start to get excited when a pop up comes up on the internet claiming they have the way too loose weight fast. A new diet pill, a shake plan and so on. I'm not saying shakes don't work.. but do you want to be on them for the rest of your life? Because I love food WAYYY to much.

Now me.. I still eat that brownie for desert at the restaurant etc.. I don't want to live a life of no puddings and no chocolate at Christmas. But let me tell you NO ONE HAS EVER LIED. If you do you exercise and cut out eating so much crap and eat less you will be the weight you want. So to stat me off and loose weight FAST (which btw doesn't stay off you motivate yourself and really cut out so much). I first did the "Eat Your Heart Out Diet" Which I will attach, to cut mu cravings, and then I cut out ALL Dairy for a week.. yes it may have helped that I thought I was Lactose Intolerant. But I lost nearly a stone in 3 weeks! So if you have a few extra pounds you want to loose before maintaing your beautiful body, I advise you to just try for a month to cut out all dairy, substitute it for soya and treat yourself now and again, and then GET YO BUTT TO THE GYM. Sweat it out, and replace that sweat with water. I promise results.

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