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Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Ching Chingggg - getting paid over here.

The word Chain, freaks me out. No lies, it seems like an endless pattern of boring foreverness. That’s just my instant thought.. but recently, after flicking through pictures of my outfits, I've realised, I do love a good old Gold chain. Rustic, fakey, heavy, thin, complicated, tarnished. You know it.

So I’m going to let you into my secret, about 3 years or more ago, me and my friend Gem, started to visit my local charity shop,  its dead cheap and connected to a church, so yano all the money is going to a good place. And it’s called ‘Discoveries’ and boy did we discover!! Haha. For the past few years I haven’t spend moneyyyyy in this little place. Chains, one of the best places to find them is in Charity Shops! Or raid you Gran’s old jewellery collection (ask her what’s the inexpensive stuff though).

Anyway, I have routed through a couple websites online, and found these bad boys. But if your skint/just wanna buy loads. Ebay is GREAT. I took a screenshot of my search earlier, and they were the first ones that came up! You could look for ages and get some real beauties.


ANYWAY, without further ado ..

Chucked in that ring as well.. had to be done, somone HAS to buy it.
Lots of Love,
Jessica xoxox

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