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Thursday, 24 January 2013

Bow Ties? Kneck Ribbons?

Bow Ties? Kneck Ribbons?

So a few of my friends introduced this unique fashion trend to me, and I have been slowly using it, but as I’ve been stalking pinterest, I’ve began to become obsessed!! It’s Bow ties for girls, even if it is just a cute ribbon tied in a bow around the neck, it makes the outfit look all that more unique and adds a twist. Now before you shut me down, check these really cute pictures!

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I realise a lot of them are going for the androgynous look, but I think that it is really different and can make an outfit complete. It brings a stylish unique edge! If you’re struggling to come to terms with the bow tie, start with a neck tie, they are easy and can go with a lot, just tucked under a chiffon shirt collar or a dress with a collar. Try it!

Here is a simple inexpensive neck tie, to start your obsession..

Lots of love Jessica xoxoxx

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