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Thursday, 14 February 2013

GIRL CRUSH: Kim Kardashian

So in dedication to one of my guilty pleasures, I decided to write a blog on Kim Kardashian, I find it unexplainable to state why I love her and am interested in stalking her family on instagram because I agree they are famous through news stunts and reality TV. But somehow I see a little bit of a strong independent woman and a close knit family and justify why I love them so much, allowing myself to stalk her, just a little bit.

So for a start Kim is a girl crush of mine, she keeps her hair always looking beautiful and I am in LOVE with her Aaliyah side fringe that she has at the moment! She is also always one for trying different hair styles such as this plait one from the New Year’s just gone and this AMAZNG quiff back from 2012.


Kim is a massive inspiration for me body wise, I like that she isn’t slim and she is SO beautiful, so it is putting someone to aspire to look like that isn’t a size zero model.. Always good. She has a great hour glass figure, and she knows how to dress to suit this figure, accentuating her curves and minimalizing her waist. The Kardashians have actually got their own clothing range (Dash) but have also opened a line over in England as part of the Dorothy Perkins stores under ‘Kardashian Kollection’.

Within the Kollection, my favourite piece is defiantly the Cream Crepe Blazer, this is extremely flattering, going in at the right places and read the previous blog with Laura V with some ideas on how to wear it!!

On Sears where you get the ‘Dash’ boutique clothing I am in love with the Smokey jacket. (I seem to have a thing for jackets!!)  There is also a faux fur knit vest and a jump suit that I see could work some good outfits. Check it out

Lastly, picking some of my favourite outfits I have seen her in, just from the press, (which is my FAV, she dresses way better than the clothes you can buy from her!! Maybe that’s down to Kanye..). anyway here are some of my favourites! Enjoy, because she knows exactly how to wear a knee length bodycon dress, gold bracelets and belts, knee high boots, bring colours, high waisted and leather trousers! J


There is so much to love from her style! Anyway, lots of love Jessica B xoxo

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