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Wednesday, 13 March 2013

My rubies and now my rough diamonds too (so exciting huh), I am soooooo sorry I have been so MIA, I am going through some mass changes with website, and just trying to get my head round what is going to go where! So for a start ‘Diamonds in the Rough’ has joined as a brother page, and will be showing off a male fashion side to things. Which is so exciting! And soon you will hear from a new blogger.. Benjamin Bowen, a good friend of mine, with a SICK style. J
Sister Sophie Turvey
Another reason I have been so MIA, is two of my bestie mates are going on missions and I have been JAM PACKING the fun with them.. as long as getting snug with a boy interest.. ;) So for those of you that aren’t LDS (hey), a mission means they are going to teach the gospel for 2 years (or 18 months for girls) to those that want to hear -  Sophie will be serving in the Perth Australia mission and Josh in the Leeds, England mission. Couldn’t get more far apart really.. haha but I am so proud of them and I am counting down the days till I see their beautiful faces again!! but hey, SO EXCITING!

So.. my blog today is dedicated to missionary fashion! For girls.. sorry boys, I will do a suit blog.. because there is so many good variety’s for you too! But I have to say.. think the girls win on the difficulty scale for this! Haha.

Now as you may know, a missionary doesn’t have a whole huge wardrobe they can lug from area to area, so here are some cute pictures of things that I found, lightweight and can mix match with outfits! I love the cute necklaces that go with a lot of things.. and I love the blouses that you can put with different skirts to create different looks. They actually advise that you take skirts instead of dresses because you can mix and match more!!
When lookin at skirts, I found a lot of high waisted which is really flattering and sooo appropriate, and once you find the right place on your waist you look SO good!! :)

All these blouse/skirt combo's are so cute! And if you are going somewhere cold, you can just tuck in a jumper and throw on some tights!

These two dresses are from ASOS (Left) There is alwayssssss good dresses on there, I will have to post loads!! The right is from Topshop! I love this style of dress, it's really modest, flattering and alternative. Shows of your waist, which is our smallest part for the most of us!
Sorry it's short and sweet, I'm off to Soph's setting apart! Love you all xoxoxoxxox
p.s I promise to be around more!!

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