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Monday, 11 February 2013

Dinner Date with Laura Vousden

Good Afternoon my beautiful people.

I have had a HECTIC weekend, but I have been posting on Instagram some #ootd 's and some cheeky charity shop purchases, but I have got more for you! This blog however is all about 'going out to dinner' wear and I feel privilaged to introduce to you Laura Vousden from Devon, England. She has AMAZING style and you can catch her on instagram @laurvous but I repost most of her outfits anyway.. haha! But anyway, I am excited for this!
So over to Laura...
"It would be no exaggeration to say that I literally leap at any chance I have to doll up, and what more of a perfect excuse to dust off that glam outfit than by going out to dinner. Whether you’re going out to Nando’s with the girls or being fine dined by someone special there’s more often than not an outfit panic, and the questions that I often find myself wondering are; ‘is this too dressy?’ or ‘is this too casual?’

When wondering what I could possibly advise anyone on what to wear, the first thing that came to my mind were blazer’s. I literally live in blazer’s (not the trainer type, the jacket type) they can dress up an otherwise casual outfit or do the opposite and dress down a more glam outfit. Okay, so as soon as you read the word ‘blazer’ some of you might have got the image in your head of ‘the female suit’ *shudder*. BUT do not despair; because that is definitely not the look I am recommending you should go for when out to dinner. Trust me blazers can look pretty darn cute!

One of the many reasons why I love a good blazer is because there are so many ways of wearing one and it’s pretty easy to glam up a casual outfit and vice versa.
A more casual approach:
Accessories are key to that perfect casual but not too casual blazer look, if you team a plain t-shirt with a blazer, statement jewellery is a must! Statement necklaces are really in at the moment so you would be bang on trend. Though another idea is to wear a simpler necklace with big statement earrings.  For the casual look I would stick to more cotton based material underneath the blazer as it will make the outfit look and feel more structured and if you stick to this as a guideline your guaranteed not to be wondering if you look too dressy.
A dressier look:
One thing that I absolutely love doing is teaming a casual boyfriend blazer with a cute dress (as displayed by the gorgeous Blake Lively) this will instantly tone down the formality of the dress but still leave you looking utterly glam. Underneath the blazer I would recommend softer material rather than the jersey t-shirts in the casual look. A chiffon blouse or dress would take away the sharpness of the blazer and create a more elegant and romantic look.
Blazer’s are really easy to get hold of and one of my favourite places to get mine is H&M but of course most high street shops sell them. Forever 21 have a really wide variety of colour and style, so they’re well worth checking out. "

Thank's Laura, I am sure you will hear from her again! Love Jessica xoxo



  1. not that I fit the aimed at demographic but I like the style its written in :D

    1. There is not a small demographic! I am sure you fit. We aim to reach women aged 12-80, it's just a modest way of dressing. For all people to enjoy :)